Selling a Home

Whether your home is worth $10,000 or a $1 million dollar mansion, there are certain steps that you can take to get your property ready to sell. Prepping your home is an investment-both time and money. Everything from minor repairs to design and staging must be considered, and every corner of the house should be addressed. Follow these strategies, put in the care your property deserves, and you’ll be rewarded with a sparkling, sellable home.

Tips for Selling Your Home

Clean it out
Houses show better with less furniture an more open space. Clutter is almost guaranteed to scare away potential buyers. Remove anything that blocks pathways or hampers views. If necessary, rent a storage unit and put your furniture, books, magazines and knickknacks somewhere safely out of sight. Above all, you want to make sure the house looks open, inviting, and full of potential- with plenty of room to move around.

Fix it up
Do a thorough inspection of your house and make the necessary repairs. Remember that a single negative impression can make all he difference – it’s worth spending a little more money to be sure everything is functional and looks new.

Make it shine & always be ready
Cleanliness is a major part of selling a house. Keep the home clean so that you are always ready for a showing.

Kitchen is king
One of the most important rooms in a showing is the kitchen. Try to reinvent your kitchen as a modern, appealing space where they’ll want to spend time cooking, having their kids do homework, and socializing. Update cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, or if your appliances are outdated, replace them.

Revamp the bath
Do a quick spruce-up by replacing tiny accessories like night lights, towel rings, and trash bins.

Curb appeal
A prospective buyer will never make it inside if your house doesn’t look good from the street (and online). Just as you cleaned and fixed up the inside of your house, it’s important to go over the exterior and make any changes that will spruce up its appearance.

Staging is the final step in preparing your house for the market-and arguably the most important. No matter how well everything works, and how new the furnishings are, a tasteful presentation is what will actually sell your house. For this reason, if it’s within your budget, it might be worth hiring a professional stager to help you prepare the house for showings.

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